Monday, October 18, 2010

SSDD Caption Contest...

I'm going to start a weekly thing where I'm going to post one of the many awkward or goofy pictures that I take of Wings players and invite you, the reader, to caption them. I realize that this isn't exactly an original idea, but I figured I might as well put the thousands of pictures I've accumulated to good use and perhaps be amused in the process. I'm kicking it off today with a super-sized comic-book-style series of pictures. I shot these eight pictures of Ozzie talking to Jim Bedard and Thomas McCollum during training camp last month and I would love to know the story he was regaling them with (You know Ozzie doesn't just tell stories. He regales people with them. Think about it.). I suspect at least one of you crazies had the arena bugged, so I'm hoping you can tell me what was going on during this conversation.

You can either download the image and fill in the blanks below the pictures or just make a list numbering them 1-8. I'm also willing to email you the original pictures if that's more your style. Post a link or your list in the comments or email them to me at snipedangle [at] gmail [dot] com. Entries are due by 11:59 pm Eastern on October 25th.  The prize is a bunch of Red Wings goodies. As always, bring the funny.


  1. 1. As I said I really wanted to take the new rollercoaster, but you needed to be THIS tall to take it.
    2. Stop laughing Thomas, what are you looking at you tall jerk?
    3. Can you believe him Jim? Laughing at us small people just cause he's tall.
    4. Yeah, now you hurt my feelings Thomas. I am really, really hurt.
    5. Oh well, maybe when I grow up I'll be tall enough.
    6. Already grown up? What? Damn you man! Gotta rub it in.
    7. But you know what Thomas?
    8. You're too tall to ride the bumper cars! Hah!

  2. Here:

  3. 1. Did you see how tall that guy was?
    2. Tom you really think you are taking my job?
    3. Come on Jim, is really better than me?
    4. Look at that save Tom made.
    5. Jim, Look how good the kid is. I worried about my spot on the team now.
    6. (Tom) Chris I don't want to take your job but you really suck lately.
    7. Damn Kids anyway.
    8. I'm going back to the dressing room were I belong!

  4. 1. Ay Jim, I got a question!
    2. Why does this Jabroni get the white jersey? You know how much I like the white jersey.
    3. I mean common, I've been here how many years, won god knows how many rings, and I'm stuck here in the red. Bush League Jim, Bush!
    4. Jim: Look Ozzie I was in there fighting for you, but this is what Babs wanted.
    5. Jim: Hey look Ozzie, on some real shit, I like you but if you don't quit this bitchin and get on your game you're gonna be riddin the pine like last season. Ozzie(daydreaming): "Hossa with one last chance. Osgood with the tremeandous save. DETROIT WINS THE CUP! DETROIT WINS THE CUP!" I'm sorry Jim, what were you saying?
    6. Look at that S.O.B. just wearing white jersey like he's king shit.
    7. If he doesn't get the hell away from me in two minutes im gonna punch him in the head.
    8. Screw it! Im outta hear, have a good season chumps!

  5. It looks like a reel of the following:

    Ozzy proving his worth to the team by telling them how he has slain giants as Jimmy made save after save during the game, but nobody noticed him. Then, they awkwardly explain to him that he fell asleep charting faceoffs and everyone could see a copy of Don Quixote was sitting on his lap.

  6. 1. Ozzie: So all of a sudden, I look up and there's this kid like hanging by his fingertips.
    2. And we're in like the Grand-freaking-Canyon right? I'm about 50 feet down, sitting on my donkey, watching this, and the kid starts to fall.
    3. His folks are screaming. I just reached out and snatched him out of the air!
    4. It was my biggest save ever.
    5. JB: Wow. that's insane. So if it wasn't for you, Jimmy might never have played hockey.
    6. Huh. Yeah. Funny old world isn't it?
    7. I make a one in a billion save and the kid grows up to take my spot. Haha. It's crazy.
    TM: Ozzie? Are you okay?
    8. Yeah, I'm fine. I gotta go take care of something. *shouts* Hey Jimmy! You want to take a little weekend vacation?