Friday, October 29, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up Volume One...

Caption Mondays:  There were some good entries in the Caption Contest from last week. Allison from The Secret Lives of Hockey Players came in with a last-minute submission an hour before the contest ended to take home the prizes. Who knew that Ozzie saved Jimmy's life all those years ago?  I guess we have him to thank for Jimmy's play these last two seasons.  Allison wins some Wings swag from last season, as well as a copy of the program from opening night. I popped her captions into the original graphic so you can get the full effect:

Trivia Tuesdays: This week, Andy from Fight Night at the Joe had the first trivia answer, although Graham wasn't far behind. The question was: The Wings hold the record for fastest two goals scored by the same team in a playoff series. Who scored the goals? How far apart were they?

Answer: Norm Ullman scored the goals 5 seconds apart during the second period. Detroit was playing Chicago in the 1965 playoffs. The Wings won that game 4-2, but ended up dropping the series in Game Seven.

Stay tuned next week for another picture to caption on Monday (although not for prizes this time) and some more trivia on Tuesday in addition to the usual SSDD nonsense you've become accustomed to.

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