Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Red Wings vs. Avalanche GP...

Red Wings: 2-0-0
Avalanche: 1-1-0

Hat Trick (now containing a goal, an observation, and a question):
1. I want to see the powerplay make me smile.
2. There's a good possibility that the combination of the Avs and Versus is going to make me stabby tonight.
3. The first game was headlined by the top line, and the second game by the second line. Who's going to lead the way tonight?

I've Got My Eye on You:

Pavel Datsyuk

1-1-2, +/- 2, 5 PIM

Pav stole the show on Friday night with his Gordie Howe hat trick for the ages. He's one of the few players who can guarantee you at least one “how did he DO that?!” moment per game. It's always fun to see what he has in store night after night.

Scott Hannan

0-0-0, +/- -3, 0 PIM
Hannan (ironically pictured in a Sharks uniform face-washing Peter Forsberg above) is a shut down defenseman who spent several seasons in San Jose before heading over to Colorado three seasons ago. He was apparently an all-star once, which I'm assuming is a little-known fact since I had no idea about it.

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