Saturday, October 16, 2010

Red Wings vs. Coyotes GP...

Red Wings: 2-1-1
Coyotes: 1-1-0

Hat Trick:
1. I want to see the Wings work on tightening up the defense. Even in their wins so far this season, it's looked too shaky at times.
2. Word on the street is that the Coyotes are having a hard time selling out their home opener. I'm shocked. I wonder how many of those in attendance will be Wings fans.
3. Can the Wings rebound from a terrible outing at Dallas and resemble the team we know they are?

I've Got My Eye on You:
Niklas Kronwall

1-0-1, +/- -2, 2 PIM

Eric Belanger

1-0-1 +/- -1, 2 PIM
I'll be roughing it in the wilderness this weekend, so I won't get to see the game.  Accordingly, there will be no recap later.  This is especially sad because the Wings don't play again until Thursday, at which point I'll have gone an entire week without seeing any Red Wing hockey (assuming you consider what we saw in the Dallas game to be Red Wing hockey).

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