Tuesday, October 26, 2010

SSDD Trivia Tuesdays Volume 1...

Welcome to Trivia Tuesdays here at SSDD. Each week, I'll ask a trivia question, usually related to the Wings, and post it Tuesday morning. I'll post the answers on Friday. I'd like to keep a running total of weekly winners, so make sure you comment with a blogger account so I know who you are. This week's question:

The Wings hold the record for fastest two goals scored by the same team in a playoff series. Who scored the goals? How far apart were they?

Happy googling.


  1. They were 0:05 apart. Norm Ullman scored them

  2. Norm Ullman scored 2 goals 5 seconds apart in 1965.

    Good gravy do I love me some trivia. Well done.

  3. ‎1965 Wings vs. Blackhawks Norm Ullman scored both goals 5 seconds apart.

  4. On April 11, 1965 Norm Ullman scored two goals 5 seconds apart.

  5. Oops I meant the header to be this.