Monday, November 8, 2010

Caption Mondays Volume 3...

This week's edition of Caption Mondays features fan favorite Henrik Zetterberg and fan least-favorite DUHG Janik.  Doug has since made his return to Grand Rapids, but I'm sure whatever wisdom Z imparted on him during this conversation has made him a better man.  So tell me, what's going on here?


  1. Dougie: Are you sure?

    Hank: I'm telling you it works! How else do you think I got Emma?

    Dougie: Huh, old man sweaters. I'll go shopping tomorrow. *smiles* I am so getting laid when I get back to Grand Rapids

  2. Hank: Okay, so a Duck, a Thrasher, and a Penguin walk into a bar...

    -saraneuie's brother