Friday, November 5, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up Volume Two...

Caption Mondays: My favorite caption this week was submitted by Sara from A Neuie Perspective. Hide your kittens, Cleary!

C Bear: What do you mean by am I looking for a cat-sitter?
TAWD: Oh nothing, just curious...
Eaves: Uh oh, not this again
Salei:*cough* Don't do it *cough*

Trivia Tuesdays: Andy won this week's trivia quick draw. That makes the leaderboard:

Andy: 2
The rest of the world: 0

It's my understanding that Andy is literally online every waking moment, so challenging him for the lead here is going to be tough. The question this week was: The Wings are tied for the league record for fewest goals scored in a seven-game playoff series. Who did they play? How many goals did the Wings score?

Answer: The Wings faced the Leafs in 1945. Each team scored nine goals in the seven-game series. Sadly, Toronto ended up winning Game Seven.


  1. Is he called TAWD because he's Canadian?

  2. No, we got our hands on the NHL's official name pronunciation guide. It has phonetic breakdowns of every NHL player's name. Todd=TAWD on it. I liked it and vowed to never type Todd here again.

  3. I meant to say this a while ago, but yay! Also, I have an eerily similar picture to this one, except it also includes Homer and Trev