Saturday, November 13, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up Volume Three...

Caption Mondays: Sara Neuie won this week again with her imaginary conversation about old man sweaters.

Dougie: Are you sure?
Hank: I'm telling you it works! How else do you think I got Emma?
Dougie: Huh, old man sweaters. I'll go shopping tomorrow. *smiles* I am so getting laid when I get back to Grand Rapids

Trivia Tuesdays: Andy actually waited over an hour to answer this week, giving other folks a chance to sneak in an answer before him. Nobody did, though, making him the three-time trivia champion. That makes the leaderboard:

Andy: 3
Everyone Else: 0

This week's question: The Wings hold the record for most penalty minutes in a single playoff game. How many minutes did they receive and how many penalties were they awarded?

The Answer: The Wings had a whopping 152 penalty minutes in a game against the Blues in 1991. St. Louis is in second place with 146 minutes of their own that day. Each team was awarded 33 penalties in what was apparently a rowdy game. Sadly, the Blues ended up winning 6-1.

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