Sunday, November 28, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up Volume Five...

Here's your belated wrap-up since I forgot to do it on Friday amidst all the Thanksgiving festivities.

Caption Mondays:  Neuie's little brother won this week.  I enjoyed imagining Datsyuk trying to do an Aussie accent.

*in best fake Aussie accent* "When you see the winged Datsyuk make his pirate face, you know that he is hungry for battered duck."

Trivia Tuesdays: Someone finally beat Andy this week.  Clark was the first responder this time around.
This week's question:  Against which team have the Wings played the most playoff series? What is their record against them?

The Answer:  The Wings have played 23 series against Toronto over the years.  Their all-time record is 11-12.

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