Friday, November 19, 2010

Red Wings vs. Wild GP...

Red Wings: 12-3-1
Wild: 9-6-2

1. The Minnesota Wild bore me. I know that's not nice, but I'm pretty sure everybody but Minnesota fans agree with me.
2. The powerplay had a bit of a resurgence during the third period last game. I'm hoping that'll be a spark that gets them going. Babcock is mixing up the units for tonight, so maybe they'll start to build some momentum.
3. I want to see the top line get going again like they were at the start of the season. Will they be able to get back to dominance against a weaker Wild team tonight?

Red Wing Zen:
Brian Rafalski

0-6-6, +/- 8, 2 PIM

Point and Laugh:
Cal Clutterbuck

6-0-6, +/- -2, 16 PIM

1 comment:

  1. there are two things about them that are not boring: their facial hair and their last names.