Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Red Wings 3, Coyotes 2 (OT): Post Game Snipes...

  • I don't know what the first period looked like. I also don't know what all but the final 1:22 of the second period looked like. Why? Nobody's been able to explain that to me. Somehow, the recording that I had set to begin at 7:30 didn't begin until 9:06.
  • I'm told that the first two periods weren't that exciting anyway, so maybe it's better that I only got to watch the third period. Sadly, I also missed overtime for other DVR failure-related reasons.
  • What I did get to see of the third period looked like solid Red Wings hockey. The Wings were carrying the play to the Coyotes and playing their standard puck-possession game.
  • You know what Justin Abdelkader has done since coming back into the lineup? He's made those around him better.
  • You know what Jiri Hudler has done? Nothing.
  • How nice was it to see Rafalski back in the lineup?
  • Zetterberg's overtime tip-in was beautiful hockey.
1. We get to see how the Wings bounce back from a less-than-stellar performance in Vancouver on Saturday tonight.
They definitely looked better in the portion of the game that I got to see. It's hard to make an assessment based on such a small sample, though.

2. How about playing a little defense tonight?
There were more turnovers than I would've liked to have seen during the third period, but it was a much improved effort over Saturday night.

3. The Wings dropped their last game against the Coyotes, so here's hoping they find a way to solve Bryzgalov this time around.
It was indeed a much happier outcome than the last time around.

Hero: Henrik Zetterberg
He came through with the winner in OT. Not only was it a pretty tip-in, but it also ensured that we wouldn't have to witness a shootout tonight.

Villain: Lee Stempniak
I still haven't witnessed the Jimmy Howard writhing in pain incident, but perhaps that's for the best. Just thinking about it makes me nauseous. And stabby.

Final Thought:
Have you ever ordered a Coke in a restaurant and gotten served a root beer? That's what it feels like to come home, sit down on the couch, and prop your feet up expecting to watch your recording of a hockey game only to discover that someone decided that you shouldn't be able to watch the Red Wings that night.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the viewing troubles.

    I gotta say I loved Rafalski's return. Don't mean to rub it in or anything -- but the part of the game you missed he was excellent, particularly offensively.

    The most energetic guy on the team right now is Justin Abdelkader without a doubt. Good for him it's translating to being just about the best player on the team (besides Cleary) too!