Monday, November 29, 2010

Caption Mondays Volume 6...

This one's from the warm-up before the Coyotes game on October 28th.  What are the guys concerned about here?


  1. Homer-"Is da Doan hurt?!"
    Tuzzi-"I hope so"
    Eaves-"Nah, thats just his DOAN Face"

  2. Homer: "*mumblebumblegrumblemumble*, so anyway, uh, yeah. Never seen dat before, no way."
    Bert: "Uh, what?"
    Eaves: "I think he said something about never having seen anyone do donuts with a Zamboni before. Not positive though. Where's Z or Nick when you need 'em?"

  3. Eaves "What IS she DOING?"
    Bert "Don't know but I don't hate it"
    Homer "Fer Sure"
    Biz "She'll be with me in the pressbox tonight boys. BOOM"

  4. Eaves: Don't look at BizvNasty, don't look at Biz Nasty, don't look at Biz...
    Homer: What's with all the homeless people holding rolls of toilet paper?
    Tuzzi:I dunno, but something smells kinda funny... and what's with that girl staring at Biz Nasty? Something's not right there...
    Biz Nasty: haha, soup's almost ready, BOOM!
    Eaves (familiar with Biz's twitter account): Ew, ew, ew, ew, EW!