Saturday, November 13, 2010

Red Wings vs. Avalanche GP...

Red Wings: 10-3-1
Avalanche: 8-6-1

1. Jiri Hudler finally made an impact in the game on Thursday. Was that enough to wake him up and get him going or is he going to go back to being invisible again tonight?
2. Now that Mule finally netted #100, is he going to go on one of his tears again? I certainly hope so.
3. Courtney, one of the co-founders of the other blog I write for—Chicks Who Give a Puck—is an Avs fan. In light of that, I think it'd be fun if everyone spent the day tweeting her to let her know where your allegiance lies for tonight's game. She's a good sport, so give her some good-natured joshing today. I'll let you know if we're still on speaking terms in the recap tonight.

Red Wing Zen:
Johan Franzen

7-3-10, +/- 4, 8 PIM

Point and Laugh:
Jonas Holos

0-2-2, +/- 4, 2 PIM

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, single the Norwegian out for ridicule. Do that! :P haha... Jonas Holøs is a really good player and a nice guy, I honestly can't hate him like I hate the Dive. And it's Holøs with an ø.