Thursday, April 8, 2010

Contest of Insanity Results...

Good news, sushines. I’ve finally gotten around to sitting down with my mom so she could judge the Contest of Insanity. She selected this entry, by Rob from Etched in Cold:

I’m told that her selection was based on the fact that it was the only one that made her laugh. Those subtitles are killer. Rob’s the lucky recipient of an autographed picture of Joey Kocur and the opportunity to pose a question for me to devote an entry to, in addition to all the fame and glory that accompany being the first ever SSDD contest winner.

This one, from international superstar Herm, was her second favorite entry:

For the record, she said that this one would’ve won if it hadn’t had the “The” out front. And people wonder why I turned out to be such a perfectionist…

Anyway, I loved all of the entries and I had a good time trying to explain some of the inside jokes to my mom. These were two of my favorites, both by Jenn:

These two get the special (and recently invented) Blogger's Choice Award, so Jenn can also submit a topic for me to write about. This has been a lot of fun, and hopefully if I decide to run contests in the future, it won't take me six years to get around to judging them. Please do check out all of the contest entries in the comments section of the original post. The routine of Ctrl-C, T, V, and Enter will be your friend.


  1. This contest was so much fun! I'm especially glad you liked the Willi one, since it was inspired by your blog.

    I'm one of the few remaining people on earth who doesn't have a blog, so I'm not even sure how to pick a blog topic (how specific to be). So how about something about my favorite player - Henrik Zetterberg? And if #44 could not come up at all, that would be great too.

    Congratulations to Rob and Herm too!

  2. There were lots of good one. I did like the Patrick Kane one, too, though 'Idiot' might have been a better caption! (Wait, did I say that?)

    I'm sorry I couldn't pick everyone to win, but Kristina couldn't convince Joey Kocur to sign 25 copies of his photo! The Ozzie pic made me laugh out loud. I really, really liked the small 'subtitles'. I thought it was very clever!

    Good job to everyone!

    Vicki Morton (Kristina's Mom)