Sunday, April 18, 2010

Red Wings vs. Coyotes Game Three GP...

It's pretty exciting that I only have to write fifteen of these things today. Wings' victories are like gifts that keep on giving...all the way up until the next gameday anyway.

15. Playoff Franzen, wake up. Where are you?
14. Now that the series is back in a real hockey city, Wings fans can demonstrate how a building should sound.
13. The Wings need to cut down on the back-and-forth action. Sure it was fun (or maybe heart-attack-inducing) to watch, but the whole series can’t go on like that.
12. The PK needs to keep clicking. It was spot-on in Game Two after a disastrous outing in Game One.
11. The Wings need to keep dishing out the physical play. They were much better in Game Two largely because of the fact that they weren’t running around looking scared.
10. The big guns need to lead the way again. I have a theory that goes something like “As the Eurotwins go, so go the Red Wings,” but that applies to all of the big guns.
9. The defense needs to tighten up. There were still too many turnovers and generally sloppy play last game.
8. The boys need to keep testing Bryzgalov. He was my number one nightmare heading into this series, but hasn’t kept me from sleeping at all so far.
7. They still need to keep an eye out for Shane Doan. He was less destructively physical in Game Two, but still managed to run Nick Lidstrom with a late hit.
6. Bring your tin foil hats. You’re bound to need them.
5. NBC’s pretty much said that their plan is to talk up the Coyotes and their Cinderella story all day this afternoon. Start mentally preparing yourself now.
4. Sixty minutes? Pretty please.
3. The powerplay converted a couple of times in Game Two. Special teams are liable to be the deciding factor in this series. If the Wings’ powerplay can keep clicking, they’ll be in good shape.
2. Watch out for Wojtek Wolski. He’s been dangerous all series. Plus, he’s got that whole ex-Av thing going on.
1. If you’re going to the game, make sure you arrive early enough to catch the pre-game show. You’ll see some familiar faces. Andy and Maria would like some recordings youtubed if you’ve got a camera with you. If you’re not going, according to Malik, this WDIV camera will be working at all times except when the game’s on. I don’t know exactly what that means (I can't tell if it's going to be shut off before the puck drops and only show the building filling up and warm-ups, or if it will be on during stoppages in play and commercials. It's not clear yet.), but it might be worth a try.


  1. I took a video of the pre-game... though I missed the first 20 or so seconds... also the quality kinda sucks :( sorry...

  2. The video is marked private on youtube, and I can't get to it. Is there another way you can post it? Thanks.

  3. yeah... the one the Wings' posted is much better... you can actually see it... and they got the intro part with all the people saying they're from Hockeytown around the world =)