Thursday, April 22, 2010

Greatest Hockey Trophy...

My little sister, who is 12, wrote an essay for school about Lord Stanley and the Stanley Cup. How awesome is that? I've clearly taught her well. When she was little, I used to quiz her on the names/numbers of Wings. She had most of the roster memorized back in the day. Anyway, here's the essay she turned in to her 7th grade class. I'm so proud. Maybe she's a Wings blogger in the making:

"Do you know what the great hockey trophy is?" Joey asked his class.

"Is it the Davis Cup?" Molly asked.

"No," Joey answered.

"The Temple Cup?" shouted Matt

"World Cup?" answered Sarah

"Vince Lombardi Trophy?" questioned Jeff

"No, no and no" Joey answered.

"It's the Stanley Cup!" Joey exclaimed. "The Stanley Cup, which has been abandoned, stolen, and even used as a toilet, but still loved and kissed, was made by the Great Frederick Authur Stanley."

Frederick Arthur Stanley, also known as Lord Stanley, was born on January 15, 1841 in London, England. He was a political and sporty man, who loved fishing, he was the 16th Earl of Derby, Lord Mayor of Liverpool, and the First Chancellor of the University of Liverpool. Frederick went to Eton College, Eton, England for High School and Royal Military Academy Sandhurst for a university. Secondly, Lord Stanley served in the British Army from 1858-1865, and he was in the British Parliament. Thirdly, Frederick was also in the Secretary of State. Lastly, he was of English origin and Anglican and Episcopalian background.

Lord Stanley came from a large family, and he had many children. Firstly, his parents were Edward George Geoffrey Stanley and Emma Caroline Bootle-Wibraham Smith, and Frederick was born into one of the richest families. He married a English woman and had ten kids. Two of the kids were girls while the rest boys, the first, a girl, named Katherine Mary died at infancy. The other girl, the ninth kid, Lady Isobel Constance Mary Stanley Gathorne-Hardy, loved hockey and was one of Canada's first woman hockey players. Some of the brothers formed hockey teams to play against each other at public rinks. All of the Stanley's loved hockey, and none of them ever even saw a playoff game for the cup. The family moved back to England for Frederick's brother, Edward Henry's death.

The most recognizable trophy to ever be made, The Stanley Cup, was made for Lord Stanley's kids' teams to compete for. Firstly, the Stanley Cup was not originally named The Stanley Cup, its first name was the Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup. To elaborate, the new name was given when Lord Stanley passed away in 1908. Secondly, The cup was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1945, and is known as Hockey's Holy Grail. Thirdly, the cup is also the oldest trophy, its 7 years ahead of the Paris Cup (tennis), and 1 year ahead of the Temple Cup (baseball). Lastly, the cup does not get bigger anymore, every 13 years a new ring is added and an old one is taken off. To this day, The Stanley Cup has 2,000 and more names on it, and every year new names are added.

The history of the cup and its maker is very exciting, and includes many adventures and trips. When he bought the cup was worth 10 Guineas, which present day would be 50 dollars. The cup was donated in 1892 and has been played for ever since. Secondly, the first team to ever win the cup was the Montreal Amateur Athletic Association, and it has been competed for for 116 years. Also, it has the largest sports traditions, like adventures, including: swimming, baptisms, wine glasses, and evenused as a popcorn bowl. Lastly, when bands are removed they are sent to Lord Stanley's Vault in Vancouver.

Lord Stanley made one of the most famous trophies to ever live, he will be remembered Poor Lord Stanley died of an illness, but he will always be in memory of the trophy. He passed away in Holwood, Kent, England; spending his last years in Liverpool. He was buried in Knowley, Lancashire, England, but has many memorials in Canada. For example, there are Lord Stanley Suites, located in Vancouver in memory. Another example is Stanley Park, which is located next to Lord Stanley Suites, in Vancouver. Also, in Stanley Park there is a huge monument honouring him, with his achievements.

The Stanley Cup is remembered every year by the Play offs that take place in the late spring. Lord Stanley is important to ever hockey player, amateurs, kids, college students, and especially the pros. Even though many things have happened to the cup it is still the most recognizable trophy today, and the creator isn't even given that much respect and credit.


  1. Nice essay. Tell your sister she did a nice job and that if she doesn't get an A, Norway will go to war against her teacher.

  2. My girls....Chips off the old block!

  3. Your sister is currently the best twelve year old I know.

  4. Go wings! You are an awesome writer! You must have had some great teachers and an even better big sister!
    Chris DeNeen

  5. Thankyou everyone!!!Especially my English teacher and AMAZING sister!!!GO WINGS!!
    -Kris's sister (the 12yr.old)