Friday, April 2, 2010

More Statistical Awesomesauce...

I was going to include this table in my last post, but I liked it too much to just lump it in with everything else. In fact, I liked it so much that I typed it up in Excel just so I could post it, only to find out that blogger doesn’t agree with that. So here it is, in all its screencapped glory.

I think my favorite part of the breakdown is the way the special teams look now. Both the powerplay and the penalty kill have been ridiculously better pretty much from the Olympic Break on. I didn’t take the time to calculate the percentages for the last seven games (they’re not included in the table I was given) even though I popped in the team’s record and goal counts to date. I would imagine that they’re somewhat similar, though. Anyway, if there was one stretch of the season in which I’d want the special teams to be peaking, it’s these last 20 games heading into the playoffs. The average goals for and goals against both saw marked improvements from games 51-60 to 61-70, and it’s gotten even better in the last seven games.

I’m going to stop pretending to offer insightful analysis now and head home to enjoy my break from school. If anyone wants to take the time to calculate the missing stats, let me know and I’ll update the table. I hope you enjoy the table as much as I did.

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