Monday, April 26, 2010

Red Wings vs. Coyotes Game Seven GP...

13. The Wings need to stop the bleeding on the penalty kill. Sure, another three-goal performance from Phoenix’s powerplay is unlikely, but then again, that’s what we said after Game One.
12. The top two lines need to reappear again. When they’re clicking, good things keep happening for the Wings.
11. Coming out strong and aggressive is going to be really important. They can’t afford to be tentative and passive at the start of the game.
10. Jimmy was far from the reason for the Wings’ loss on Sunday, but he needs to be in top form tomorrow.
9. The Wings need to find a way to solve Ilya Bryzgalov. He may very well have stolen the game for the Coyotes during the first few minutes of play.
8. How many times am I going to be flailing around in search of my tin foil hat?
7. Earth to Playoff Franzen. Where are you? The Wings kind of need you to start producing.
6. It sure would be nice to see a full sixty-minute effort…
5. Can the defense avoid hanging Jimmy out to dry again?
4. It would be nice if the powerplay came back to life and scored more goals than it allowed. That’s a pretty good target, I think.
3. I hope that Justin Abdelkader keeps hitting everything in sight.
2. Capitalizing on mistakes: whoever does a better job of this is probably going to be playing some more hockey this season.
1. This is it. Game Seven. It’s all or nothing. Which team wants it more? No fear. No excuses. No mercy. No limits.


  1. I'm loving number 5 on this list so hard right now.

  2. #1 is it. All the cards are dealt. All the chips are in the middle of the table. Time to see who has the better hand.