Sunday, April 18, 2010

Playoff Pre-Game Show Sneak Peek...

Earlier this evening, Sara, Greta, and I got to go down to the Joe to get a sneak peak of the first 30 seconds of the pre-game show that will be debuting for the playoffs tomorrow afternoon. If you’ve got tickets to the game, make sure you get there early enough to see the pre-show. Judging by what we saw, it’s going to be fantastic. I can't wait to see the show when I head back on Tuesday. The crew put in hours and hours of work, and they're actually still there as I write this, as they were doing dress rehearsals until 3am.

I don’t want to ruin all of the surprises, but you’ll get to see none other than Fight Night at the Joe’s Andy kicking off the show. He makes another appearance in the first thirty seconds, as does Maria. They’re going to keep changing it as the playoffs go, so come early and often, I guess.

We got to chat with some of the Wings’ staff, and they talked about how they wanted fans to be part of the show because in the end it’s all about us. You guys should know just how blown away the Wings’s staff was by H2H. They really were amazed by the worldwide community that came together to make the event happen.

We were really excited to see Andy and Maria up there on the big screen (and when I say “big screen” I promise you that it’s not the one you’re thinking of). It’s cool to see some familiar faces represented.

One of the coolest parts of our little adventure was getting to see the Joe all dark and quiet. It’s one of those places that doesn’t seem quite right unless it’s full of loud people. I used to get the same feeling when I worked at Disney and got to wander around my ride or the park after hours. It’s like something is missing.

I posted my pictures here. Some favorites:

I got to park in the players' lot right in front of the Joe. This is my "OMG look where I am" face.

Hanging out "backstage." (Sorry, Disney lingo never dies.)

This is probably my favorite picture. They were testing the spotlights and they were just kind of roving over the rafters. I just so happened to catch it perfectly positioned on the Captain's banner.

Hanging out in front of the show's crew.

The oh-so-empty arena. That's soon to change.


  1. awesome! I'll be there tomorrow! (later today...)

  2. OMG I'm so excited to be there today!

    I hope they win. It will not only give them a series lead, but I will be undefeated in person. :D

  3. Thanks for coming to check it out Kris! Glad to hear you're pumped about the show