Friday, April 2, 2010

Red Wings Stats and Trivia Geekfest...

I’ve never been much of a stat-head before. I think people tend to put too much stock in them a lot of times. I am, however, absolutely enthralled with the game notes packet I got when I was covering the suite event on Tuesday (and that Drew was kind enough to leave for me). I know it’s a little weird, but it is what it is. These were current at the start of the Edmonton game, so the numbers may have changed a little bit, and I’ve updated things like their record and points. I’m not messing with the percentages and decimals and things like that, though.

  • In one-goal games, including the one against Edmonton, the Wings are an impressive 19-6-13 (Well, not so much the 13, but you get the idea.). Being able to win tight games like that is going to serve them well down the road. They don’t fare quite as well in two- and three-goal games (10-7 and 11-10 respectively).
  • The Wings have a 22-29 record all time in the shootout. That’s one that I will never understand.
  • This season, the Wings are 25-14-7 when outshooting their opponent. They’re also 13-7-6 when being outshot. I know at least a couple of those 13 wins that were Jimmy specials.
  • They have almost identical records against the divisions in the Western Conference: 10-6-3 in the Central, 10-6-4 in the Pacific, and 11-6-3 in the Northwest. That’s consistency.
  • This is one of my favorite breakdowns: March was their best month by far with 25 points. Next was November (Remember when we all thought that would be the turning point of the season?) with 17 points. December and January each brought 16 points (Side note: Edmonton didn’t have a single win in January. Ouch.). They only got 13 points in October. They picked up 6 points in February, but that was the Olympic Break so it doesn’t really count. I guess it’s good that they’re peaking at the right time.
  • The boys have scored 62 first period goals, 70 second period goals, and 71 third period goals. In contrast, opponents have scored 59 first period goals, 67 second period goals, and 62 third period goals. (This one was updated to include the Edmonton game.)
  • The Wings had outshot opponents 827-695 in the third period prior to the Edmonton game. The other period breakdowns aren’t that interesting. I like the third period shot differential though.
  • The Wings rank second in the NHL in terms of penalties taken.
  • The boys have been outscored 5 on 5 this season 130-140 (updated to include Edmonton). They’ve also been outscored 6-7 4 on 4. They’ve also scored ten empty net goals.
  • Z is only 2 for 11 in the shootout. Even Jason Williams (Who?) is 3 for 8.
  • Nik Kronwall leads the team in shorthanded points with four. Darren Helm leads them in shorthanded goals with three.
  • As of Tuesday, the Wings had lost 300 man games to injury this season. Edmonton, in contrast had lost 464. That divides out to more than 5.5 whole seasons for the Oilers. Ouch.
  • Jimmy Howard’s starting streak is the longest for a Detroit goalie since Tim Cheveldae started 29 in a row in ’91-’92.
  • Prior to the Edmonton game, the penalty kill had been clicking at a rate of 94%. They’d killed off 63 of 67 penalties in that span. In the previous twelve games, they’d killed off 33 of 34 penalties for a rate of 97%. Where were those numbers during the playoffs last year?
  • Datsyuk has had the team’s longest point streak this season. It lasted six games from February 13th to March 9th.
  • Homer had the team’s last hat trick on the road in February of ’07 against Nashville.
  • Brendan Shanahan was the last Wing to have a four-goal game in March of ’01 against Calgary.
  • Sergei Fedorov was the last Wing to have a five-goal game the day after Christmas in ’96. That event was near and dear to my heart because I’d unwrapped a spiffy new #91 jersey the day before and was wearing it as I sat on the floor and watched that game. It was my first moment of belief in the Hockey Gods, as I was sure that he was scoring all of those goals for me. Little did I know that just a short while later he would fall from my favor. No Red Wing has ever had a five-goal game on the road.
  • Valtteri Filppula has taken the team’s last home and last road penalty shots. He scored in December ’07 at the Joe, but missed this past October in Buffalo.
  • Kirk Maltby is the last Wing to have scored two shorthanded goals in a road game. He did it against San Jose all the way back in October of ’02.
  • The Wings are ranked 2nd in the NHL in shots on goal per game, averaging 33.3.
And now for the fun player facts:
  • Chris Osgood likes the Black Eyed Peas. He’s got some pretty questionable taste in music.
  • Dan Cleary, on the other hand, likes The Killers, which I can at least respect.
  • Derek Meech idolized Steve Yzerman growing up.
  • This one is one of my favorites: Patrick Eaves lists Five Guys Cheeseburgers as his favorite food. I would have to agree with him that they’re quite delicious.
  • Kirk Maltby likes Metallica. Bring on the jokes.
  • Jason Williams (Who?) and Brett Lebda both list sushi as their favorite food. Ew.
  • Lebda’s idea golf foursome would include Tiger Woods, Megan Fox, and Robin Williams. Go ahead and make your jokes now.
  • Kris Draper’s favorite food is steak with mashed potatoes and broccoli. Now that’s a meal I could enjoy. Not only are we name twins, but we’re apparently food soulmates as well. Mmmm steak and potatoes…
  • Henrik Zetterberg’s favorite sport other than hockey is kite surfing. He also likes steak and Bob Dylan. I’m not 100% sure what kite surfing is, but I can definitely get behind the steak and Dylan.
  • Darren Helm’s ideal golf foursome would be Tiger Woods, Shaq, and Mike Myers. That’s quite an eclectic group.
  • Todd Bertuzzi’s favorite musical artist is James Taylor, which I find surprising (assuming I’m thinking of the right James Taylor).
  • Nik Kronwall’s hockey superstition is that he always puts his skates on in the same order. This amused both Drew and me because, well, there are really only two options for the order in which one puts on skates or shoes.


  1. Cool stats.

    Any info on Pavel?

  2. I was SO excited when I saw that there's a Five Guys in Greektown. Do they have them all over the place in MI now? I first had Five Guys when I was in college (I think they started in the DC/VA area), and I swear, it is the best burger ever made.

    And Bert loving James Taylor is hilarious to me, too. The joke pretty much makes itself, right?

  3. I know enough about kite surfing to know I don't want Henrik Zetterberg doing it.

  4. Sorry Anonymous, Pav didn't have any miscellaneous information. I was disappointed too.

    Natalie: Five Guys have started popping up in my area in the last year or so. I'd never heard of them before, but they're incredibly delicious. And I rarely eat burgers that aren't cooked by my dad on the grill because his are amazingly good.

    And holy crap, Petrella. Who comes up with these ideas. I was thinking that it seemed like less of a bad idea to do it over open water until I saw this one:

  5. Holy hell is that for real?! That extreme "athlete" is GONEZO.

  6. After I posted it, I looked it up on and they have it listed as being part of a Sprite Zero commercial, so I'm guessing it's not real.

  7. A site (which will remain unnamed) gave me all the season media guides for all the teams and it is SOLID FUCKING GOLD!

    But, Maltby likes Metallica and then asking for jokes? BOOO! Metallica is the best fricking band to ever grace the earth. So no jokes please. (Maltby was best in the 80s? Something about Napster? Maltby is a hyper as Lars Ulrich? meh, I got nothing)