Sunday, April 25, 2010

Red Wings vs. Coyotes Game Six GP...

13. It’s a day game on NBC. Uh oh.
12. The Wings still need to work on their faceoffs. There’s really no reason for Phoenix to be winning more draws.
11. The Eurotwins need to keep firing on all cylinders. The last couple of games have been quite a show.
10. What tin foil hat-inducing moments are going to occur as the Wings try to end the NHL’s team’s season?
9. The first few minutes of this game are going to be key. The Wings need to get off to a much better start than they did last Sunday.
8. I’m looking at Dan Cleary to do something good tomorrow. This worked for Miller last time, so it’s worth a shot.
7. Jimmy Howard needs to stand strong again. He’s had an incredible run over the last two games, and has managed to restore all of the fickle fans’ confidence in his abilities.
6. Are we going to have to put up with Shane Doan again?
5. This series, the Wings have played better when they’re the ones carrying the physical play to the Coyotes. They need to keep hitting hard and not letting Phoenix run around.
4. The PK and powerplay need to keep doing their thing. Since the disastrous first game, the PK has been fantastic. Special teams may very well determine the winner.
3. The second defensive pairing has looked much better over the last two games. Brad Stuart, in particular, had a great game on Friday night. The Wings need them to keep bringing their physical presence.
2. Will we get treated to a full-game effort tomorrow?
1. The Coyotes are going to come out hard hoping to get another home game in Phoenix. The Wings need to take this game seriously and shut them down. There’s no reason to make another trip to Phoenix and risk all of the assorted bad things that can happen in a Game Seven.


  1. I'm going to look at Patrick Eaves to do something positive in the game - because he shares a name and a shyness with one of my brothers. :)

  2. Since everyone is into predicting stuff... I'm going to also pick Patrick "Wolfman" Eaves for something. This year he will pull a singlehanded PK for the ages. We'll say similar to Helm last year but not near as epic as Z's.