Sunday, April 4, 2010

Red Wings vs. Flyers GP...

1. Ozzie’s getting the start today. I’m going to avoid making any really bad jokes about laying an egg on Easter and skip straight to the part where I say that I have absolutely no idea what to expect from the guy after he’s gone so long without starting. Is he going to be able to shake off the rust and look halfway decent?
2. This is the Wings’ last game against the East. Can they continue to prove that the Leastern Conference is a joke?
3. Today’s the day the Wings can hit the magic number to guarantee themselves a playoff spot. Are we heading to the promised land? I know I should be over this by now, but it makes me barf a little that we’re talking about things like this this late in the season.
4. We get to see our old friend Ville Leino today. Will we be treated to the version of Ville that we all dreamed about over the summer or the one who ended up benched even though half of the team was out with injury? I’m guessing the former, just because that’s the way this season has gone.

I would be shocked if I get to see any of this game. I blame NBC for picking up the game. Between noon mass and heading to relatives’ house, this looks like one for the old DVR. Grrrrr…

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