Sunday, April 11, 2010

Red Wings 1, Blue Jackets 0 (SO): Post Game Snipes...

  • If I had to choose one word to describe this game, it would be boring. I almost dozed off on the couch. If it weren’t for the oh so interesting conversations on Twitter, I probably would’ve.
  • Mickey Redmond apparently has a new telestrator that he has difficulty working. It’s a shame that the season’s coming to an end and he and Ken Daniels will soon get replaced by announcers that we hate.
  • Ken and Mickey also took the opportunity to fuel the Alex Burrows hate by reading his anti-Detroit comments. They even made a referee joke. It was kind of awesome.
  • Helm got a penalty shot on a pretty chintzy call. He fell victim to a Mason poke check and never really got a shot off. I can’t say that I was particularly surprised
  • Columbus’ crowd was so enthusiastic that the Wings fans in attendance had a LGRW chant going for a solid minute in the third period without the slightest opposition.
  • With any luck, that was the last time we’ll have to see a shootout this season. Of course, by typing that, I’ve doomed us to one final one tomorrow. Figures.
  • Babcock went with Kronner over some of the regular shooters. Sadly, he didn’t manage to win the game this time around.
  • Another shutout for Jimmy. The Calder dream is alive and well.
GP Answers:
1. Hitting 100 points is still a possibility. Can the Wings take another step closer to hitting that landmark?
Ten seasons in a row, sunshines. This feels good just to keep the streak alive. Now, just for a moment, close your eyes and imagine how many more points they would’ve had if they had been healthy for most of the season or even just converted on half of those OT/SO losses…

2. What ridiculous thing is Pavel Datsyuk going to do to amaze us all today?
Score a shootout goal? It wasn’t one of his ridiculous ones, but it was pretty nonetheless.

3. Is Uncle Mike going to cut ice time to get some of the guys rested up for the playoffs?
Nope. They played this one like just another regular season game. It’ll be interesting to see how things shake out tomorrow in Chicago.

4. The efforts during the last three games weren’t exactly something to write home about. Will we get treated to a full 60-minute game?
Ehhhhhhh…Columbus never took over the game at any point, but man was that boring to watch.

Cookies and Cupcakes for Jimmy Howard
Another shootout/shutout win for everyone’s favorite Calder contender.

Brian Rafalski gets the Golden Facepalm
He did something to cause me to tweet, “Oh Rafalski, that was ugly,” and even though I honestly have no idea what it was, I’m assuming that it was deserving of this. I’m thinking that it was an ugly turnover that led to a scoring chance for the BJs, but it could be anything. I think this last paragraph shows my level of commitment to quality writing and analysis.

What I Learned:
You know it’s a boring game when you find yourself discussing National League baseball via Twitter in the middle of it.

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  1. As for the Rafalski thing, it may have been the give away right in front of the net, which not only led to a good scoring chance for Columbus, but a hooking penalty on Raffi as well as he tried to compensate for his Bertuzzi like give away.