Thursday, April 8, 2010

Red Wings 4, Blue Jackets 3: Post Game Snipes...

  • I missed the first 50 minutes or so of the game, so I don’t have much to say tonight. I promise that it was worth it though. My reason for missing the game involved swapping Disney war stories and feasting on this. Yes, I’m bragging, but that’s the second coolest thing I’ve ever made in my life and I think I earned it (It’s pretty obvious that I’m no Baroque). I was supposed to be home in time for the game to start, but I just couldn’t bear to leave my Disney people. They’re really some of the most fun human beings I’ve had the chance to hang out with.
  • I walked in the door and frantically searched for the second TV remote. I finally got the stupid built-in menu off of the screen just in time to see the Wings tie the game up. I briefly celebrated and then ran back out to my car to bring something in. As soon as I walked into my room, the Wings scored again. Then I made another trip out to the car and the Wings scored again. When I was making my final trip out to the car, I was semi-anxiously anticipating another Wings goal when I ran back inside. However, this time around, it led to a Columbus goal. I hadn’t realized that my newfound power worked both ways. You’ll be happy to know that I stayed put for the rest of the game.
  • I really like Patrick Eaves.
  • Did Nick Lidstrom really make that play leading to one of the BJs’ goals? I think he was so stunned at making the ugly turnover that he got caught flat-footed and beaten. That’s clearly the only explanation.
GP Answers:
1. Hitting 100 points is still a possibility. Can the Wings take another step closer to hitting that landmark?
Well, they picked up two tonight. The dream is alive and well for now. Not that it’s the ultimate goal, but it would be nice to get there.

2. What ridiculous thing is Pavel Datsyuk going to do to amaze us all today?
It’s hard to tell. I really didn’t see much tonight.

3. Is Uncle Mike going to cut ice time to get some of the guys rested up for the playoffs?
Looking at the box score, it doesn’t look like anyone had their ice time dramatically cut. The fourth line looks like it picked up a few extra minutes, but overall it didn’t look like guys were getting rested.

4. The efforts against Nashville and Philadelphia weren’t exactly something to write home about. Will we get treated to a full 60-minute game?
Again, I didn’t see most of the game. This is starting to become a trend, and I don’t like it. I need my hockey.

Cookies and Cupcakes for Tomas Holmstrom
I also love Homer. That is all.

Nick Lidstrom gets the Golden Facepalm
I can’t believe I just typed that. Really. I justified it by reminding myself that if anyone else on the team made that play they’d be a shoo-in for this.

What I Learned:

Apparently I have magical powers that cause goals to be scored by the mere act of walking in and out of my back door.


  1. "Apparently I have magical powers that cause goals to be scored by the mere act of walking in and out of my back door."

    That's what she said. :)

  2. I said this over on TPL, but I'll repeat it here.

    I am going to take full responsibility for the "un-Nick-like" pass that occurred leading to Umberger's goal. See, I bought these sweet lower bowl tix back in January, when we were still biting our fingernails in hopes that we might be still talking about the playoffs at this point. I had this terrible feeling that if we didn't make the playoffs, this might be the end of King Lidas's reign in Detroit, and dammit, I was going to watch him skate up close one time before he hung them up. So of course, right before our very seats, he tries to make a play to look awesome in front of us, and ends up back-firing on him. So, it's my fault. Give me the Golden Facepalm...

    Seriously, though, I think he was so shocked that he made that pass that he couldn't recover in time to make up for it. He probably was thinking, Raf does this all the time, and it ends up biting ME in the ass... I hate pointing out mistakes that he makes. I have an irrational fear that he'll sit there and think about the 5 mistakes he made this season & he'll decide that he's no longer Norris Nick & he won't want to play anymore. Seriously, Nick, you're still the best D-man we have. Honestly. I truly believe that Nick/Homer are a package deal. Homer re-signs, so will Nick. No one aims for him better, as evidenced by the awesome Homer goals last night (I know he only assisted on one of them, but still). Don't leave, Nick. My mental health depends on this.